How do you keep your team fresh, engaged and focused on delivering a brilliant customer experience all summer long?

38 Training Exercises & Activities to Engage, Energise and Excite your Team in Customer Service

Even when your team know what’s expected, when you’re busy for whatever reason, it’s easy to take your eye off the ball. But this shouldn’t be an excuse for a poor customer experience or inferior customer service.

Your customers don’t care!

Busy or not, whether it’s the school holidays and you’re rushed off your feet, or key team members are taking time off, your customers still expect consistency.


This is a collection of 38 activities and exercise you can use now - and all year round - to keep your team engaged, energised and excited about customer service.


These are all exercises I’ve used, and my clients have used, to involve their team, make continuous improvements and keep customer service and the customer experience front of mind, however busy.

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This simple manual gives you 38 fun and engaging easy-to-follow activities to get your team fully engaged, energised and excited about customer service.  Helping you bring a point of differentiation to your business, so you create loyal customers who spend more, come back more often and happily recommend you to others.

There are 4 styles of activity.

  1. Short and sharp activities which are a fun way to energise the team.
  2. Periodic activities which require a bit more time, but can be used as part of your daily, weekly or monthly meetings or as part of regular training activities.
  3. Some of the exercises need pre planning and require team members to go to other areas within your business or go off site.
  4. Some activities are ones to build into your daily, weekly or monthly routines rather than one off activities, so they shape your service culture.

Topics include:

      • defining your service standards
      • building rapport
      • understanding customers
      • skills development
      • refresher activities

This Activity Manual Will Enable You to...

  • Engage

    You need your team to be fully engaged as you’re dependent on them to meet your customers’ expectations and impact the customer experience.

  • Energise

    You want your team energised, so this energy and enthusiasm rubs off onto the customer

  • Excite

    You want your team to be excited about your business, your product and about exceeding your customers’ expectations so they pass this on to your customers

When only 1 in 3 employees are engaged at work (that's according to Gallup's  2017 State of the Global Workplace study) and  51% are “not engaged” where does that leave your customers' experience?

Worse still 16% of employees are actively disengaged, being unhappy and unproductive at work and liable to spread negativity, and likely destroying all the good your engaged employees are doing.

Imagine what impact that can have on customers and your customer service!

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