Here is a Blueprint Which Has Helped Hundreds of Frustrated Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Business Owners and Managers End Their Customer Service Skills Training Worries for Good!

"How to Turn Your Team into
Service Superstars"

without the sweat and tears of writing the material

Training your team in customer service skills can be costly when you go external. Finding the right training provider, briefing them on your specific needs, releasing everyone for the training, and the added expense of ‘mop up’ sessions.

But to deliver the training in house can be so time consuming. Designing a transformational customer service skills training programme isn’t easy.

So, although you know the importance of customer service skills training with your team, it’s one of those things that just gets put off time and again because…...

Nobody has got the time to sit down and put together a great customer service skills programme!

Well, now you don’t have to.

You see:  I've done the hard work for you!

Here’s the solution…

Your ready-made customer service training programme covering all the basics you need.

All conveniently broken down into bite size sessions leaving you to decide if you want to deliver it all in one day or break it down to fit your team’s schedules.

So you can develop your own Service Superstars to wow your customers to get them talking about you… and coming back for more. And continue to develop your service culture.

Get instance access right now

This step by step system takes away all the hard graft of preparing your training, so you can get on with developing your team's customer service skills starting right away.

You’ll get all the materials you need to run the programme and deliver excellent customer service and a memorable customer experience.... every time

All you have to do is add in your own examples, and off you go.

So, if you simply haven't got the time to prepare the training material here's the easy and obvious solution for you……

Without the expense of bringing in an external trainer.

This programme means you:.

  • Save time, money and effort on course development
  • Get started on your customer service skills training tomorrow
  • Involve your management team in the programme so you have total buy in
  • Use the master template to tailor the content to reflect your own challenges
  • Deliver the content in short sharp sessions to maintain participants' interest, and suit your own schedules
  • Personalise or brand the content and materials to match your internal image and service culture
  • Develop the material to use as and when you need a top up
  • Keep all your new starters up to the same standard as everyone else to maintain your unique service culture

In short it’s ideal for businesses who want to deliver their own training in-house but don't have time to build a programme from scratch.

Ensuring you still get the training delivered, enabling you and your team to develop excellent customer service skills and deliver memorable customer experiences every day so...

  • You get consistency every day and the level of service a customer gets isn’t just luck of the draw
  • You’re not being badgered every time there’s a customer query
  • Your team use their initiative to spot opportunities for boosting additional sales, so you’re not leaving cash on the table
  • Complaints get resolved quickly and easily before they become a problem (or worse still end up on an online review site)
  • Your team are confident in their customer service skills and they’re able to get on with it without your full-time supervision, so you’re not fretting when you take a day out of your business that your customers won't be getting the same level of service as when you’re there

“Over my three decades of training in the hospitality business, I have designed many customized training programs for three and four-star hotels. Some have worked, some have not, but all of them had weak modules that I had to fix after several presentations. Those many hours, and sometimes even days, of preparation could have been majorly shortened if I had had Caroline’s simple training development program. It also would have prevented several disappointing results. I am going to use it and I am highly recommending it to all my clients.” 

DC Blosser, President
DC Blosser & Associates, DC Blosser University and US Hospitality Institute

The content covers:

3 training modules + follow up tips to maintain momentum covering ...

  • Defining your Customers' Experience

    * Why emotions matter
    * The customers’ journey
    * Understanding customer
    needs and expectations
    * Making a connection

  • Handling Customer Feedback

    * Inviting feedback
    * Preventing problems
    * Handling challenging
    customers, complaints,
    .. & negative reactions

  • Adding Value and Boosting Sales

    * Adding value
    * Spotting opportunities
    * Ways with words

  • Follow-up Maintaining Momentum

    * Making the transition
    * Creating ownership
    * Coaching and support
    * Keeping it alive
    * Continuous improvement


You have instant access to download everything and roll out in one go, or a module at a time. That's the beauty of having your own material - you can mix and match and deliver it as and when and however you like!

So whether you deliver them all together, run each module as a stand-alone programme, dip into the material for bite sized top up sessions or refreshers, the options are yours to suit your own business needs.

It does what it says ‘on the tin’ i.e. enables you to develop your team into Service Superstars, so you can be confident they can consistently deliver a memorable customer experience….

Which means you can:

  • Be confident that your team will be giving each of your customers a warm welcome and great service throughout the customer journey
  • Ensure consistency in the service your customers receive each and every time they visit so they won’t be disappointed on their second, seventh or even 70th visit
  • Generate ideas from your team for delivering even better service so you can get their full buy-in as you tweak your approach and keep exceeding your customers’ expectations with each visit they make
  • Encourage your team to obtain valuable feedback from your customers each time they visit so you can identify what’s of most value and make continuous improvements to meet the customers’ needs and build long term loyalty
  • Give your team the skills and authority to handle complaints effectively for a win-win and ensure any negative feedback is resolved before the customer leaves – minimising the likelihood of negative comments on social media
  • Capture details so that you can build that all important database and continue to keep in touch with your customers to promote new ideas and offers and generate more repeat business

But in addition this training prompts a higher level of engagement from your team.

This will give you the following knock-on benefits:

  • Your customers will get their experience from happy staff, which means more sales and greater customer loyalty and repeat business
  • Lower staff turnover so you save on recruitment costs, the headache of staff shortages, and ensure a consistent level of service for your customers
  • More effective use of resources to keep wastage to a minimum and control costs
  • Clarity and confidence in their role, resulting in better customer service, reduced absenteeism, improving productivity, and helping you to contain labour costs without compromising on service levels
  • A willingness to cover and support each other at peak times so your customers get a seamless service and you don’t need to depend on unreliable temporary staff
  • Knowledge and confidence to offer other services and up-sell when appropriate helping to increase sales (on the right products and services) and boost profit margins
  • More confidence to use their initiative and get things done quicker, taking the pressure off you and your managers and supervisors
  • You’ll be confident that your team can cope without you so you can focus on working on your business rather than being perpetually sucked into the day-to-day operation (and enable you to take a well earned break when you need to).

Each session includes:

  • Route Map

    A handy 1-2 page overview for the session including timings and a list of resources needed so you can plan easily

  • Tutor’s Guide

    Tutor’s Guide: Session notes and prompts where you need to add your own relevant examples

  • Supporting Visuals

    PowerPoint slide-decks (if you wish to use them) on a blank template to enable you to add your own company branding

  • Clear session objectives ...

    So you know what results to expect and can brief your team accordingly

  • Ice breakers and energisers

    Suggested activities so you can keep the energy levels up and engage your participants

  • Editable Handout Templates

    All the documents are in Word, or PowerPoint so you can personalise for your own business and add in relevant examples

You might even prefer to dip in and out of them taking one topic per team meeting.

The choice is yours…..

All delivered directly to your mailbox in an instantly downloadable format for you to personalise to your own needs and business as you wish.

    What you won’t be getting…..

    Product knowledge – everyone’s business is different, even down to the description of a cup of coffee. You’ll need to work with your team to define your products and services, identifying what makes them different or of interest to your customers

    Operational procedures - again every site is different. If you don’t yet have procedures in place for dealing with certain customer facing situations you might do this in line with the training, but of course allowing extra time to cover this important aspect.

    Your investment

    Just £395

    That's £395 which could save you hours or even days of preparation, and get your training delivered before any of your hard earned customers have an excuse to go elsewhere.

    In addition you get:

      • Immediate Access

        Get immediate access to all three training modules + maintaining momentum section, trainer’s guidance notes and slides for you to make notes and add to as you wish

      • Instant download

        Everything will be available to you to instantly download in an editable format using Word and PowerPoint files, so you can get started right away, for you to tweak, and personalise as you see fit

      • Guarantee

        This is all material and exercises I have used myself over many years of training in a wide cross section of businesses including hospitality, tourism, retail, professional services and leisure, to name a few.

        So I’m confident they’ll work for you too.

        This is why I offer a 100% money back guarantee.

        If you feel that the materials aren’t suitable and aren’t worth what you’ve invested I’ll refund your full investment so long as you let me know within 7 days of purchases.

        100%! No reason needed. (Although I love having feedback so I hope you’d tell me why!)

      The training materials will be available for instant download after payment

      Please note this is a digital product only, so you can edit and print as many copies as you like.

      Need some help to implement this?

      Upgrade from the Digital to the Gold, Platinum or Platinum Plus Version of the Programme

      • Immediate access to the entire programme
      • Digital version so you can personalise and edit as needed
      • Create additional copies in house as required
      • Best suited for businesses who have the skills to deliver but don't have the time to write the material
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      Developing Service Superstars digital version

      • Your personal binder with the entire programme
      • 38 Activities to engage your team in customer service to help embed the training
      • 1:1 x 2 hour tutorial on getting the most from the programme
      • Digital copy so you can personalise and edit as needed
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      Developing Service Superstar Programme presented in your personal folder

      • As Gold plus...
      • A series of 4 x 60-90 minute coaching calls (or first meeting on site for local businesses) where we go through all the materials, module by module, and how to get the very best from the training.
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      Developing Service Superstars Programme with 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring

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