Attention managers of hospitality, event & tourism businesses

Do your junior managers & supervisors hesitate or lack confidence in managing their team's performance?

Do they put off taking appropriate action when there is a shortfall?

...which leads to low productivity, increased labour costs and poor customer service?

Why do managers shy away from dealing with poor performance?  

      • Are they afraid of confrontation?
      • Do they mistakenly believe if you ignore the problem it will resolve itself?
      • Do they know there’s a problem, but people have always been allowed to get away with this in the past
      • Are there mixed messages so are unsure of what's expected of everyone
      • Do they know deep down they need to tackle an issue, but don’t know how to start the conversation
      • Do they feel awkward as they think the business is also at fault
      • Do they see everybody do it, so is it fair to pick up on it with just one person

These are just some of the reasons that get in the way of managing performance.

Of course, any one of these can potentially lead to

      • The problem getting worse
      • Setting a precedent with other team members to follow suit
      • Others getting confused by mixed messages
      • People getting frustrated with the ‘offending’ colleague

If any of this sounds familiar, then you need to register your managers for my Managing Performance Workshop where I'm going to be sharing how to overcome all these concerns and how to prevent these performance problems.

The Managing Performance Workshop takes a deep dive into how to manage performance so that you:

      • Can be proactive and monitor performance before it drops
      • Spot problems early on so you can nip them in the bud
      • Get buy in from your team so there is an element of “self-monitoring”
      • Handle poor performance conversations with confidence
      • Avoid getting side lined by excuses and irrelevancies
      • Get employees commitments to improving performance
      • Avoid the common pitfalls to dealing with performance
      • Gain respect from your team

Whether it's someone being late, not greeting a customer in the way you'd expect, breaking health and safety rules, failure to carry out part of their job, arguing with another member of staff, or doing something in a haphazard way with a poor result…

Your goal is to resolve the issue and improve performance in future.

Now is the perfect time to re-establish your expectations.

Who is this programme for?

First line managers and supervisors in hospitality, events and tourism businesses, who want to build their confidence in dealing with performance and gain respect with their teams.

Please note:

This programme is NOT about your disciplinary processes or employee  contracts of employment. I am not suggesting by-passing that. But if you nip issues in the bud, hopefully you’ll never need to get as far as the disciplinary process. 

If this is you or your managers register now for my 3 session Managing Performance Programme, from just £27 (+VAT) for early bird bookings (book by 16th September)

"Managing Performance"

3 x 1.5 hour online training sessions to develop your skills in managing your team's performance so they meet your expectations and you prevent performance problems

Here’s what we will be covering in the programme:

This is what you get

      • 3 x 90 minute interactive webinars over 3 days
      • Exercises and activities to relate to your own venue
      • Delegate workbook for your own notes and reference to accompany each session
      • Time for Q&A, sharing of ideas and best practice
      • PLUS a great networking opportunity
      • Recording of the workshop so you can revisit content or watch later if you have to miss a session
      • 15 minute 1:1 Accountability Session

When is this happening

      • Monday 21st – Wednesday 23rd September
      • 10.00 - 11.30 daily
      • All online from the safety of your own home or business

The content covers:

3 interactive training modules + accountability 1:1 session

  • Interactive webinars

    Weekly 90 minutes in depth sessions with Q&A

  • Personal Workbooks

    Session workbooks to download and record your own ideas and intentions

  • Session Recordings

    Webinar recordings and mp3 version for listening on the move

  • Accountability Session

    1:1 accountability and Q&A follow up call 

The entire programme is delivered online and digitally so you and your team have access from the safety of your own home or business

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