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"How to get Your New Team Members Up and Running, Being Productive and Feeling Valued from Day One"

...so they feel cared for and in turn care for you, your business and your customers

Once you’ve gone to all the trouble and expense of finding the right candidate to fill your vacancy you want to ensure they get up and running as quickly as possible.

And that they feel valued and become loyal to your business, so they stay.

How well you demonstrate you care for them from day one will influence how much they care about your organisation and your customers!

Here’s your solution…

A Manager’s Guide to Onboarding New Team Members

Your checklist to ensure you miss nothing in getting your new team members on-boarded

Who is this for?

The guide is relevant to any business taking on new team members at any level.

The checklist and record spreadsheet have been designed with hospitality businesses in mind and includes a checklist for food safety, health and safety and customer service . Other job skills have been left blank for you to tailor the each specific role.


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This programme means you:.

  • Save time, money and effort on programme development
  • Get started on your on-boarding straight away
  • Involve your management team in the programme so you have total buy in
  • Use the master template to tailor the content to reflect your own team
  • Demonstrate to your new team members they are welcome and cared for
  • Personalise the programme to suit the role match your internal image and culture
  • Keep all your new starters up to the same standard as everyone else to maintain your standards and culture

The content covers:

  • On-boarding Guide

    Everything you need to get planning your on-boarding programme

  • Onboarding Checklist

    A checklist of what you might want to include in your programme. In Word, so you can edit as you need to

  • Training Record Card

    A training record matrix so you can track your team’s training needs and completion dates. In Excel, so you can edit to suit your business/department.

  • Seasonal Team Checklist

    Top 10 tips for seasonal staff to get the very best return

You have instant access to download everything on receipt of payment

But in addition this training prompts a higher level of engagement from your team.

This will give you the following knock-on benefits:

  • Your customers will get their experience from happy staff, which means more sales and greater customer loyalty and repeat business
  • Lower staff turnover so you save on recruitment costs, the headache of staff shortages, and ensure a consistent level of service for your customers
  • More effective use of resources to keep wastage to a minimum and control costs
  • Clarity and confidence in their role, resulting in better customer service, reduced absenteeism, improving productivity, and helping you to contain labour costs without compromising on service levels
  • A willingness to cover and support each other at peak times so your customers get a seamless service and you don’t need to depend on unreliable temporary staff
  • Knowledge and confidence to offer other services and up-sell when appropriate helping to increase sales (on the right products and services) and boost profit margins
  • More confidence to use their initiative and get things done quicker, taking the pressure off you and your managers and supervisors
  • You’ll be confident that your team can cope without you so you can focus on working on your business rather than being perpetually sucked into the day-to-day operation (and enable you to take a well earned break when you need to).

The training materials will be available for instant download after payment