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Here is part 2 in my 12 days of Christmas blog series on…

how to engage and motivate your team on their return from their Christmas break

2. Say thank youthank you card

If your team were working hard right up until Christmas (and maybe over the Christmas period itself) don’t forget to tell them how much you appreciate their efforts.

This might be a simple thank you, or maybe a token gesture related to their hobbies or interests. It doesn’t have to cost the earth; just a token. But the thought it evokes will make a real difference.

Be sure to recognise all departments, including back of house staff, or those in non-customer facing roles. They all have their part to play.

If you didn’t do anything for them before Christmas coming back and saying “I really appreciate what you did, and I got this for you as a small token of my appreciation”, will make them feel they are recognised for a great job.


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