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Set precise goalsOne quick win for you when you’ve delivered customer service training is to agree on some specific actions you’d like to see as a result of the training.

Get your team’s commitment to these actions and allow them time to talk through how they’re going to achieve them and anything that might be standing in the way of that.

Allow a free and open dialogue to flush out any concerns they have or anything they know of which will make it difficult or even impossible for them to implement the training.

On a personal level this might include:

  • a lack of confidence or a concern they might make mistakes
  • a lack of clarity in which actions are part of their role opposed to anyone else’s.
  • they might not even see these as part of their role, but somebody else’s responsibility.

But even assuming a willingness on their part to implement what they’ve learnt there could be systems or processes preventing it, such as too much red tape, conflicting priorities with other departments or team members, or cumbersome computer software that hinders all their efforts.

Or maybe it’s simply down to a lack of resources: time pressures to do everything that is expected of them, not having the right tools and documentation to make it easy.

They might be things you don’t want to hear, but better to know about these now (and have an opportunity to put them right) than discover 2 weeks after the training that nothing has changed!

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