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Last year a friend of mine moved out to New York. I always enjoy reading her emails, describing her new life. She never seems to be short of things to write home about.

Why is it then, that when it comes to writing our blog or articles for newsletters that we dry up on ideas?  Though  much of the content of my friend’s emails wouldn’t be suitable for sharing with customers, the concepts would.

She has a catchy title that makes us want to open up and read it straight away. She only writes when she has something to report; in other words she doesn’t just write for the sake of it. Her personality shows through with humour and a light hearted touch. She maintains our interest with anecdotes and stories that we (her readers and friends) can relate to. When she’s been introduced to a new experience she explains what this is, without insulting our intelligence. She also includes photos to bring it all to life. These days there’s no excuse not to capture things on camera, and your hotel is no exception.

And at times she leaves us hanging on for the next instalment before she tells us the outcome.

All these principles can be applied to your own newsletters, but if you are still struggling for content, here are a few ideas.

And while we are on the subject of newsletters I’ve just interviewed Fiona Robson from Rocketseed, a leading email marketing company whose clients include Thistle Hotels and Malmaison.

To listen to the recording just sign up here.

In my interview with Fiona she shares her thoughts on the role email marketing plays as a part of a hotel’s overall marketing strategy as well as:

  • How to build the all important email customer database
  • Her tips to how making your emails compatible with today’s technology
  • Her top 4 criteria for making email marketing effective

I’m delighted to let you know that Fiona is offering a great deal for any of my clients available until 21st May 2011.


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