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“The Secret to Getting More Repeat Hotel Business”


If you want to get more repeat business you know you have to give your guests a great expereience every time.  Wouldn’t it be great if your team were able to rectify the things that irritate your guests, before your guests see them?

It’s so often the little details that can make such a difference to the customer experience, and it’s often this attention to detail that gets overlooked.

  • It’s what can make the difference between an average guest experience and something that wows your guest and gives them every reason to return.
  • It’s what makes the difference between a nit picking customer and one that appreciates everything you do and overlooks the odd minor glitch.
  • It’s the difference between a negative review on Trip Advisor or a glowing testimonial and referring you to all their friends.
  • It’s the difference between a one off visit and a long term loyal customer who comes back time and time again.

You really can’t afford to wait for the customer feedback to identify these details.

So in this checklist I’ve put together all of things the guest experiences from the point of starting their research in looking for somewhere to stay. So effectively you ….


“Become your own Hotel Inspector”


How would you like to become your own hotel inspector, or train your staff to become your personal team of hotel inspectors giving you valuable and objective feedback where ever and whenever you want?

How often do you put yourself in your customers’ shoes? Taking the customer journey is something every business should do, not just hospitality businesses.

When was the last time you took the entire customer journey and were totally objective about everything you saw?

And if you ask your team to do this, do they know what they are looking for?


“Take the Customer Journey to see what your guests see”Hotel audit 3D cover


The journey starts with the research, the booking and the journey. How easy it is to find you on line and then make a booking – either on line, email or phone? Does what you say on your website give all the necessary information to make a decision, make a booking and arrive in one piece? It’s often the little things that irritate our guests and spoil the experience before they’ve even arrived.

Then take the journey your customer takes from the point of arriving to the point of departure. This starts with driving into the car park, your walk to reception, and to your room, what you see out of the window, the service in the restaurant, how comfy your beds, the cleanliness of the public toilets, your greeting in the bar, the speed of check out: everything a guest might see, hear or experience.

The problem is we can become oblivious and it’s quite difficult to get a real first-hand experience as the service you get will never be quite the same as your guests’ experience. So involve your team in the process, especially new staff members who will be experiencing things for the first time. Even old hands can give you another perspective by experiencing another department – ask your kitchen staff to take the customer journey to reception, your housekeeping staff to dine in the restaurant (and bring a guest so they come when off duty, and see the full customer journey), your front of house team to stay the night.

The customer journey does not end once they drive out of the car park. What follow up do you do with your guests?


The Self Audit Checklist


This comprehensive audit checklist makes the process so simple.


It enables you to take you or your team through all the stages, so you can:

  • Identify operational shortfalls or gaps in your systems before they become a problem
  • Use at re openings following seasonal closures or following refurbishments to check everything is working as it should be
  • As a regular routine periodic check involving your team in the process and gain their buy in
  • Use as part of your induction for new starters to give some structure to their orientation and familiarisation of your services and offers before you let them loose on your guests
  • As a customer service training exercise to help staff see and appreciate what the customer sees
  • Enable you to see everything from a guest’s perspective, to add an objective viewpoint and get a fresh pair of eyes on what you see every day and may become oblivious to
  • Identify priorities for maintenance, systems and training that will give you the greatest return

So you can take the actions needed to give your hotel a competitive edge.



Order The Hotel Audit Checklist Now for £97

The checklist comes in two instantly downloadable formats:

  • A pdf if you just want to use it as it is
  • An excel format so you can make it into a working document, allowing you to:
    ~ add your own sections and standards to suit your own hotel
    ~ section out the departments enabling you to allocate to different personnel
    ~ break down into sections to phase out over a period of time
    ~ draw up an action plan and sort by priorities and allocated responsibilities, for easy tracking.

Both formats can be instantly downloaded, so you can get started straight away; no need to hang around for bulky packages through the post.


The audit includes over 200 check points in the following sections:

  • Research (as undertaken by guests before booking)
  • Website
  • Booking
  • Arrival
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Drinking and dining
  • Public areas
  • Checkout
  • Customer Service
  • Follow up


Order The Hotel Audit Checklist Now for £97

The Customer Journey Audit Checklist for Meetings and Eventsmeetings and events audit 3D cover

You work hard enough to win your meeting and conference business, so it makes sense to leave a positive lasting impression and an incentive for them to return. A lot of effort goes into first impressions, but what sort of lasting impression are you leaving on your meeting and conference delegates?

In my line of work I see a lot of meeting and conference venues, sometimes as a mentor, but frequently also as the client, the meeting host or a participant. Normally the first impression is alright, you get a warm welcome and asked at the outset if everything is okay. But it’s what happens after this that invariably leaves you let down.

Based on my years’ of experience running events and also as a frequent client, host or participant of events I have now created a comprehensive audit checklist for meetings and events, covering all aspects of what your client sees when they book an event with you.

In the checklist you’ll identify what to look for in the following sections:

  • Your offer
  • Website
  • The Sales Process
  • Booking Confirmation and Event Preparation
  • Arrival
  • Meeting Space ~ before, on arrival and support during the event
  • Toilets
  • Breaks and Refreshments
  • Customer Service and Participant Welfare
  • At the end of the Event
  • Follow up


The Meeting and Events checklist enables you to see everything through the eyes of your client, the event host and the participants so:

  • You don’t miss a single opportunity to wow your client
  • Your client has a great experience so wants to do business with you again, and refer you to others in their network
  • Everything runs like clockwork for the host so they beg to be booked with you again
  • Your participants experience memorable hospitality and have every reason to make a return visit to you directly
  • All your team know what to do so everything runs like a dream

Which means:

  • Less pressure on you
  • You build a reputation as a great event venue
  • You win more repeat event business
  • You gain more spin off business


As with the hotel accommodation audit, the meetings and event audit comes as two instantly downloadable formats (pdf and Excel) so you can get working on it today.


Order The Meetings and Events Checklist Now for £57



You’re also protected by my Product Guarantee

I‘m completely confident that when you use either of the audit checklists that you’ll be more objective and able to see things that could improve your hotel to help you gain a competitive edge, and to help you prioritise what you need to action.

I also know that if you involve your team you’ll gain more insights and gain their commitment too.

This is why I offer a 100% money back guarantee.

If you feel that the results are not worth what you’ve invested in these tools and let me know within 4 weeks I’ll send you a full refund.

100%! No reason needed



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P.S. It’s the little details that make the difference to the customer experience, so in the checklists you’ll find not just the obvious, but some of the attention to detail that can so easily be missed. And the great thing is, once you’ve introduced these details to your team it will be all the more easy to get them to maintain the standards you and your guests expect.

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