The cost of not training staff

Good for The Peach Pub Company, who recently won a Best Places to Work award, in their view of staff training and the risk of losing them to other operators.

Sadly there are still a number hospitality businesses that take the view that it’s too costly to invest in training their staff. Some misguidedly believe it’s not needed, or it’s a luxury when business is slow. The cost of not training is far higher – poor customer service, higher wastage, staff needing constant supervision being just some of the consequences.

And others resent investing in training or think it’s a waste of time as the people they train will probably then be tempted to leave and take their new skills elsewhere.  Well, yes, maybe a few will leave, but if they do is this just because they now have better skills?  I doubt it; if anything they are far more likely to stay if they are getting the right development and are well treated.

And when people do leave, businesses demonstrating they are prepared to invest in their team will be one step nearer to being regarded as a good employer and one step nearer to attracting the calibre of people they want.

If every hospitality business took the same view as Peach Pubs we’d all benefit in the long run.

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