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Why train the trainer?

Customer service training isn’t something you deliver once, then tick it off your list!

It’s ongoing…

Train the Trainer gives you the capability in house to deliver your own customer service training or at the very least to coach others to embed their new skills. This enables you to:

      • Tailor it to your needs
      • Deliver it as and when you need it (such as new recruits or corrective coaching) in a format to suit your business
      • Develop managers’ and team leaders’ skills
      • Invest in the materials once so you can deliver as often as you need to
      • Mix and match content to suit the situation and training needs
      • Combine formal training with on job activities
      • And of course save you money!

Sadly relying on experienced employees to pass on their skills to others does not always work. Being good at a job does not necessarily mean being good at teaching others. They need train the trainer training.


Even if you feel you’d rather call in external training expertise, it really doesn’t matter how brilliant the training, the only way to get a real return on your training investment is to ensure your team have everything in place to support them to put it into practice after the event.

When it comes to customer service we’re usually focusing on behaviours.

If we are expecting a change in behaviour this takes time, ongoing support, coaching and feedback, to encourage them to put their learning into practice as quickly as possible, and embed new habits, so they become natural rather than scripted.

Assigning a mentor, coach or buddy can help overcome the initial barriers to perfecting a new skill ….providing they have the right skills!

Giving line managers, mentors, buddies, and coaches the  ‘Train the trainer’ skills to support and coach their teams gives you a fighting chance of building confidence and competence in their new customer service skills and embed new behaviours.

Assigning a mentor, coach or buddy can help overcome the initial barriers to perfecting a new skill
…providing they have the right skills!

Without support and guidance even the most motivated and enthusiastic team members are likely to slip back to their old comfortable way of doing things the moment something unexpected happens, at the hint of any pressure or when things go wrong.

Classroom theory and discussion is fine, but transferring and practising that learning to the workplace can sometimes be a challenge. It’s all too easy to go back into the workplace and carry on exactly as before, particularly when training has been delivered by a third party provider, detached from the business.

If you’re familiar with the Ebbinghaus Effect you’ll know the implications of the Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting; that your audience forgets most of what you tell them, sometimes within as little as an hour.

So before we know it everything is back to how it was before!

Which means potentially most training can be a complete waste of your time and effort.

Unless of course it’s followed up and reinforced.

All trainer skills programmes – except certificated courses* are designed to meet your specific needs. So whether you are looking for a half day introduction to on job coaching, help getting your team up to speed with their training and coaching skills to bring your own in house customer service training programme to life, or are looking for an in depth programme to develop skills to deliver formal training to large groups we can design a programme to suit your needs. Rates start at £650 per half day workshop and £950 per full day.

Please email me to arrange a call to discuss objectives and options.

* Certificated trainer skills courses have set content and criteria for assessment and include: