Use multiple channels to appeal to different guests

Part 4 in my 7 top tips for making the most of your hotel’s activities in marketing your hotel

6 Don’t just say it once

It makes sense to include as much relevant information as possible on your hotel website, and make it media rich by including pictures and maybe even video clips. But don’t stop there, use multiple channels to market your hotel. Your personal accounts and stories make excellent material for blog posts and newsletters, too, and is a great way to incorporate information of value and go into more detail. It  might even provide the perfect subject matter for a free download as an incentive to get prospective guests to sign up to be on your hotel’s mailing list.

Personalise your confirmation emails with details of what’s coming up during their stay (and remind them if they need to make a booking). This all adds to going that extra mile, building the relationship and making a great first impression.

Then make sure there’s plenty of easy to access information available once they check in. Small details such as having local maps they can borrow, relevant opening times, up to date timetables for public transport or trips.


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