Use your expert topic to add a perception of value for your hotel guests

Yesterday we talked about how being an expert can help you define what you offer, and your ideal guests. Developing an expertise enables you to build rapport with a niche market of potential guests, and gives you an opportunity to run exclusive events and promotions for these customers’ market, which they perceive as value for money.

As a starting point, you can host meetings or club/group dinners and general social events. To take the step further you could invite topic experts, celebrities or people of specific interest or host quizzes or workshops. This might provide another opportunity for a joint venture.

For example, if your topic is gardening, you might be able to form a partnership with a local nursery, garden designer, gardening author, historical/ famous garden, manufacturer of garden products, or market gardener (or all of these).

To capitalise on your expert topic run educational weekends and breaks. These might include a combination of the above. Continuing gardening as an example, it might include talks from experts, transport and free entry to a number of local gardens of interest (maybe as exclusive guests of the owner), plant sales through a local nursery, special promotional prices on other garden products from manufacturers or wholesalers, menus planned around locally grown produce.

It’s even better if you can tie in with any specific gardening events happening locally, such as RHS flower shows, Gardeners’ Question Time, etc. Or host your own Gardeners’ Question Time calling upon local gardening celebrities.

You could follow a similar theme for any specialist area be it spas, cars, food, fashion, sailing, singing, cheese making, wine tasting, archaeology, geology, and anything else you can think of.

Promoting this type of event is so much easier than general promotions as you have a specific audience who you know has a particular interest. And (importantly) if you share this interest, you are in a much stronger position to present things in a way that will appeal to your target audience. If you do not share this interest, then involve someone who does, who can totally relate to and empathise with your prospects and guests.

For more ideas on using promotions to add value and increase sals see 21 Lessons in Running a Profitable Hotel Promotion.

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