What a difference a day makes

I discovered a new hotel last week, perfect for my visit. And my stay there was great; a warm welcome, spotlessly clean room, free use of Mac, delicious breakfast. So when I had to travel to the same city again this week I naturally booked in again.

But what a difference a week makes. Or was it just the day of the week. Either way, I was disappointed.

There wasn’t any one major problem,  just lots of little things that made the whole experience a let down after last week.

There was a stain on the carpet, the carpet was fraying as it met the bathroom tiles, the bathroom floor felt slightly tacky under bare feet, the start of that build up of yellowing limescale around the plug hole in the basin and in the corners of the shower, a small tear in the bedroom curtains.

Was I just oblivious to these on my previous stay? I don’t think so, as I remember noting how clean and fresh everything was. So how come there could be so many niggling problems this time? Was it down to the room maid, housekeeping audits, maintenance schedules, poor systems?

I don’t know for sure, but one clue was that when I gave some feedback to reception of all these points, she went through the motions of caring, and was very apologetic. But the clue was she never asked for my room number, or even what floor I was on; so how on earth do they hope to rectify the problem?

The morale of this tale? What systems do you have in place to ensure consistent and exceptional customer service, so your guests know what to expect every time they visit?


Find resources and free downloads to help keep consistency for your hotel here.

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