What do your customers remember most about their customer experience?

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me… last impressions

A truly Memorable Last Impression

What’s the very last thing your customers see, hear, smell, taste or feel as they leave.

What will your customers remember most about doing business with you as they drive off into the sunset?

Whatever happens in the last few moments of their transaction will undoubtedly influence their lasting impression.

It could be the bill, and whether they see it as value for money. It might be the wait to part with their hard earned cash, or the way the payment is acknowledged.

It might be the attitude of the last person they speak to on the way out or in your car park. The offer of help (or not) carrying items to their car. It could be the route to the car via your backdoor, the view behind the scenes you’d rather they didn’t see; or a visit to your toilets, which might not be as pristine at the end of the day as they are at the start.

What’s the last conversation they hear as they leave? Is it all genuine smiles and sincere thank yous, or do they get to hear the back stage gossiping and gripes? Or the complaints about how busy they’ve been and how tired they are, or about how poor your payment process because of the slow internet connection which is why they’ve been kept waiting.

Do they feel appreciated and that you’re sorry to see them go?  Or are you unintentionally making signs that you’ve other more important things to be getting on with? The equivalent of impatiently looking at your watch or getting the hoover out! It may not be obvious, but letting them know you’re running late, that you’re relieved it’s home time or closing time, showing signs of rushing them out of the door or off the premises.

Any one of these could influence your customers’ lasting impression. The one they remember as they drive away, when they get home, or next time they’re thinking of doing business with you….



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