What have you done?

customer service This week is customer service week. So what have you done this week to demonstrate your commitment to delivering great customer service and a great experience for your customers?

Here are some things you might well think about…

  1. Send a thank you card to your most valued customers simply to say thank you to show you appreciate their business
  2. Tell your suppliers how you appreciate their contribution and thank them for their support in ensuring your customers get a great experience
  3. Remind your team of your customer service values and ask for their ideas on what else you can be doing to keep those values alive
  4. Have some fun and celebrate with your team in recognition of delivering great a customer experience
  5. Review your customer journey with your team and what ideas they have for making improvements
  6. Picking up the phone to your most recent customers and ask for their feedback and what you can be doing to make your service even better
  7. Run a fun quiz with your team to see how much they really understand about your business, your customers, your products and what adds value
  8. Hold a brainstorming session with your team and/or key suppliers to identify ways to add value for your customers
  9. Invite some of your customers to the above session, a team event or out for lunch
  10. Enter your organisation for customer service awards relevant to your industry

So, what have sent you done this week to demonstrate your commitment to delivering great customer service?

Of course none of these ideas are limited to customer service week. So, hey, don’t worry if you’ve not done anything this week. Do it next week instead. I’m sure your customers won’t mind.

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