When was the last time you slept in one of your own hotel beds?

How practical are your hotel rooms? Unless you experience a night’s stay for yourself you wont be able to see what works and what doesn’t. I recently stayed in a very snazzy hotel, and it looked great, but when I met with my colleagues at breakfast we were all complaining that none of it was practical. Definitely a case of form over function on that occasion.

Here’s my top 20 bugbears you may want to check:

  1. Can I find the light switch easily while the door to the corridor is still open?
  2. Do I have to strip the desk or dressing table of marketing bumf before I can put anything down?
  3. Is there anywhere to hang the hand towel?
  4. Is there anywhere to put down my toiletries in the bathroom?
  5. Can I put my makeup down where I can reach it and still see in the mirror?
  6. Does the kettle lead reach the socket without having to put the kettle on the floor?
  7. Are the power sockets accessible if I need to plug in my laptop or phone charger?
  8. Does the showerhead and water pressure give a decent shower?
  9. Is there anywhere to hang the bath towel so it can be reused?
  10. Is there anywhere to hang my dressing gown – either in the bathroom or bedroom?
  11. Can I see myself in the mirror whilst holding the hairdryer?
  12. Can I sit comfortably at the desk without banging my knees?
  13. Is there a light above the desk?
  14. Can I open a window without using brute force?
  15. Is the air conditioning or heating system clear to adjust without having to call reception?
  16. Can I comfortably watch TV from the chair?
  17. Do the curtains meet and cut out outside light?
  18. Do I have to strip off half a dozen unnecessary pillows before I can get into bed (and make extra laundry into the bargain)?
  19. Is the bed comfortable enough for a good night’s sleep?
  20. Do you have to get out of bed to switch out the light?

Practicalities is just one of the things that will be covered in my interview with former Chief Hotel Inspector Peter Birnie in the interview series ‘How to Give Your Hotel a Competitive Edge‘.

Caroline Cooper

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One thought on “When was the last time you slept in one of your own hotel beds?

  1. Ralph Fuhr

    Most recently I was in downtown Buffalo at the Hyatt, and with all the lights on, you still could not read a newspaper, just barely see the letters on your keyboard. Not business friendly.

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