Where do we draw the line in asking for TripAdvisor reviews?

I’ve just received an email from a hotel in the US where I stayed on business 4 years ago. I have to take my hat off to them for keeping me on their mailing list. Their approach is very effective at keeping themselves on my radar, reminding me of the pleasant stay I had there, and building the guest relationship. If I was ever returning to that city I would certainly stay there again or recommend it to others. And as I have regular contact from them this would be easy to do as I’d not need to go back on 4 years’ worth of business cards to find their contact details, thus making the referral process easy.

But today’s message had something in it I’m not so sure about. As well as offering a discount on a return visit, they are also offering to take $20 off my bill for any future reservations if I post a favourable review on TripAdvisor. Whilst I agree with encouraging guests to write reviews, is it ethical to give financial reward? Where should we draw the line?

What do people think?


Social media is one of the topics covered in Caroline’s interview series How to Give Your Hotel a Competitive Edge.





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One thought on “Where do we draw the line in asking for TripAdvisor reviews?

  1. Martin Page

    Maybe it’s something about being British but we are very reserved when discussing Tripadvisor.
    If a guest raises the subject then we will thank them for proposing to write a review (as long as it is complimentary), but we never suggest it to a guest and although we keep reading trade talk about encouraging guests to write reviews, we just do not feel comfortable with pushing people, however gently, into doing something that they do not want to do spontaneously.

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