Your Best Year Ever ~ Part 2

Here are steps 2 and 3 to help you achieve your best year ever

Step 2

So, yes, some things fell through the cracks. Take a look at that, too, without the drama

So the next part of the process is to look at the last 12 months and this time look at what you set out to achieve but you haven’t achieved yet.  The goals that you set but haven’t actualised yet in reality.  And again take some time to make a list of all of these things, things that you wanted to be, things that you wanted to do, things that you wanted to have over the last 12 months that you haven’t been yet, that you haven’t done yet and that you haven’t had yet.  Have you any outstanding unspoken conversations? What do you regret or feel guilty about? 

List all the ongoing things that bother you and cause you negative energy – however minor. What do you need to do with them: action or let go?  Make a decision one way or the other; how important are these things to you? Are they things that need to be done, or do you put them behind you and stop worrying about them?

Step 3

That probably wasn’t as pleasant as the previous part of the exercise but that is ok we can now extract learnings from what you didn’t achieve so that you can ensure you make the next 12 months different.  So turn to a new page in your journal and put a heading on the top of the page titled ‘Rules for Success’.  What I want you to do is go over all of the things you have achieved over the last 12 months and work out what it was that you did during those times that enabled you to succeed.  What are the rules that if you follow them you succeed.  Then look at the things that you didn’t achieve, what were the rules that you weren’t following that if you had followed them you would have achieved these goals.  By going through the goals that you have achieved and also going through the goals that you didn’t achieve you can put together your personal rules for success, the rules that you know you have already proven that if you follow these rules you succeed.  So take some time now to review the previous year and work on your own personal set of rules for success.

It is a good idea to keep these rules for success somewhere handy, to keep reminding yourself of them.  Then next time when things aren’t going the way that you want you can refer to your rules of success.  I keep mine pinned above my desk as a constant reminder.

Step 4  follows in a few days time.  But if you really cant wait that long you can find the full exercise here.

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