Your Function, Events and Promotions costing template

Function, Events and Promotions costing template


Thank you for purchasing the Function, Events or Promotions costing template.

Here is the link to download the template:

Functions, Events and Promotions Costing Template

You will need to save to your computer.
Right click on the link and select ‘Save Link As’ or ‘Save Target As’

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This series of spreadsheets allows you to cost all aspects of your function, and totals them on a summary sheet. You can then work out your selling price. Or if the selling price is fixed, you can work backwards to see how much you can afford to spend per head, to help you and your team keep tabs on what you are spending, and still come out with a healthy profit.There is also a sheet that shows your breakeven point, so you know how many customers you need to get through the door before you are in profit.

Invaluable for functions, events and promotions.

How to use the template

Open up the spreadsheet and save as (new name) to ensure you keep a master template.

All yellow cells contain formulae and are protected. Do not try to over type these or you will lose the formula.

Once you open up the spreadsheet you will see the first tab is your guide to using the template.


Tab 1

This guides you through the different areas of the spreadsheet. It will show you which cells to complete, and in which order.

Tabs A-P

This are you master templates. You will want to make copies before adding data.

However, before you do this I recommend you enter your tax rate on sheets B,C and D. This way you wont need to add this to every file you create.

In order to create extra files simply open up the spreadsheet, select File, then Save As, and then give it a new name.

Sheets E-L

Start by entering your costs on the individual sheets. The totals from these sheets will be carried forward to Sheet A.

Sheet A

This sheet will calculate your cost per head based on your projected numbers. Once you have entered your variable costs onto the individual sheets, enter your projected sales figures on sheet A Cell C16 and your fixed costs in rows 16-23.

Check the tax rate if necessary to reflect the tax rate for your country / state.

Sheet B

Use this tab to calculate your selling price to achieve your margin

Cost per head figures in line 3 will calculate automatically based on totals from sheet A Enter your target gross margin percentage in cell D4, and remember to check the correct tax rate in Cell C7.

Sheet C

Use this sheet if you need to work backwards to calculate your maximum costs. This is useful if you have already agreed the sales price or know the maximum your market will stand.

Check you tax rate in Cell C3
Enter your target gross margin percentage in Cell D4.

Sheet D

Use this sheet to calculate how many units you need to sell to break even.

Enter the maximum selling price your market will tolerate and enter this in cell D2. Check your rate of tax (C3) Enter a percentage figure for overheads (D5).

Sheets M- P

These addition sheets will help you plan for additional resources needed, your project plan, and help you evaluate the financials and your marketing after the event.

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