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Profit sensitivity analysis template


Thank you for purchasing the Profit sensitivity analysis template.

Here is the link to download the template

Profit Sensitivity Analysis Template

Right click on the link and select ‘Save Link As’ or ‘Save Target As’

or copy and paste this url:

You will need to save to your computer.

Once you open up the spreadsheet you will see 3 tabs.


Tab 1

This guides you through the different areas of the spreadsheet. It will show you which cells to complete, and which contain the formulas you need to leave in order for the template to calculate correctly.

Tab 2

This is your Master Template.

You need to copy this sheet for each analysis you do. However, I recommend you add in your current sales information (on row 4) BEFORE you copy the master template. If you do this on the master, it will save you having to add this information for each sheet.

To copy the Master Template select Edit, then Copy or Move Sheet, select (move to end), tick the box where is says Create Copy, then OK. The new spreadsheet will appear as the last tab, and will be called Master Template (2). Double click on the tab, and the text will appear highlighted. Now type in your new name for the tab.

Tab 3

This is a worked example in case you get stuck.

Use the spreadsheet to calculate the impact of changes on any one of the following:

■       The number of customers

■       The average spend per head

■       The average number of visits or stays per customer

Use this to see the impact of making any changes before you make them. You can review the impact on just one, or several variables, on your margins.

Remember you can also use this to measure the impact of reducing sales, e.g. if you ever feel you need to drop a price or rates, or you know you are going to have a quiet period e.g. in January. By reviewing the impact before the event you can make an informed decision. So for example of the figures show you that staying open in January is unprofitable you may decide to cut your losses and close for a couple of weeks.

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